MODELS UNN-2/3000 Filmography Rectification Capacity: Filmography rectifiable maximum length - 3000mm Filmography Retificável- maximum diameter 500 mm
Height of centers on the table- 250mm Filmography maximum permissible weight of 800 Kg pontas-
Filmography TABLE (SHAFT "Z") Filmography Course Máximo- 3050 mm
minimum increment programável- 0,001 mm Filmography Máxima- speed 5000mm / min Filmography horizontal inclination +/- 4 °
Filmography HEAD PORT-grindstone (AXIS "X") Filmography Course máximo- 350mm Filmography minimum increment programável- 0,001 mm Filmography Máxima- speed 5000mm / min Filmography Filmography grindstone Filmography Diameter - 457 mm
Width - 50/75 mm
Hole - 127 mm
Peripheral speed 33 m / s
Cone tree- CM 5 Filmography Turning 360º horizontally
programmable speed: minimum / máxima- 05/300 RPM
Cone against tip- CM 5 Filmography Course- 32mm Filmography Filmography ENGINES
Engine grinding wheel (CA) - 15 HP Filmography Engine head holder parts (CA) w / inverter frequency -5,00HP
cooling pump motor (CA) - 0.50 HP
Engine lubrication unit (CA) -0.12 HP Filmography tip against head Engine (CA) - 3 HP Filmography Servomotor door-grinding head, "X" axis (CA) - 16,5Nm Filmography Table servomotor, "Z" axis (CA) - 27.3 Nm Filmography Filmography GENERAL
geometrically precise ISO 2433
liquid- weight 7800 kg
(Included in the basic machine price)
  • High structural rigidity of the machine, including the heads porta-wheel, door-pieces and counter edge.
  • Heads-door grindstone and door-pieces with their axes mounted on angular contact bearings high precision, in armored cartridges with permanent lubrication.
  • absolute measuring system (direct measurement) for the axes X and Z by means of linear transducers (strips) high precision.
  • X and Z axes driven by recirculating ball screws rectified great rigidity (40 mm) and high accuracy class.
  • handwheel for manual movement of axes X and Z.
  • numerical control unit CNC with: - ISO Programming.
  • linear and circular interpolation of the axes.
  • MELLO software application.
  • complete electrical and electronic framework and command buttonhole with the CNC monitor installed in tilt stand.
  • Automatic lubrication, with independent drive, driven and overseen by the CNC.
  • Standard painting in epoxy paint, the color composition "gray, white and red."
(Included in the basic machine price)
  • 01 Complete Cooling System
  • 02 Wheels (AA60K6V and AA46K6V)
  • 02 Flanges door-wheels
  • 01 Holder for diamond grinding wheel dressagens
  • Set of two diamonds 01
  • 01 static Balancer with balancing shaft
  • 01 Puller
  • 02 support centers with hard metal tip for the heads-door parts and against tip
  • 03 skidders Clips
  • 01 Set levelers and bearing plates
  • 01 spare belts Set
  • 01 Set service keys
  • 01 User manual
  • 01 Automatic lubrication unit.
  • internal grinding system and corresponding software
  • Luneta two support
  • Luneta three support
  • automatic measuring system process through electronic autocalibrador
  • Automatic axial positioner for part referencing the Z axis
  • cooling tank with filter paper
  • cooling tank with filter paper and magnetic separator
  • Device forceps holder assembly and tongs
  • universal plate three nuts
  • Head against edge with automatic hydraulic drive pedal
  • Special software dedicated.