Surface Grinding Machine P36

Surface Grinding Machine P36

Lenghtwise stroke - 620mm
Crosswise stroke - 380mm
Vertical travel - 370mm
Grinding lenght maximum - 600mm
Grinding width without any grinding wheel width overtravel - 405mm
Grinding width with ¼ of the grinding wheel width overtravel - 392mm
Grinding width with complete grinding wheel width overtravel - 355mm
Electromagnetic chuck standard dimensions - 600 x 300mm
Height max. with max. grinding wheel diam. and electromagnetic chuck - 270mm
Height max. with min. grinding wheel diam. without electromagnetic chuck - 408mm
Grinding wheel dimensions - 254 x 25 x 76mm
Table speed - 25 m/min
Grinding wheel motor - 3 HP

Net weight with standard attachments - 2350Kg

Oil-Hydraulic system with variable flow vane pump, electrovalves, hand operated valves, hydraulic piston for the table movement, tubings, couplings and hoses;
Electric automatic system for the crosswise travel;
PLC - Programmable Logic Control;
Automatic reversals on the lengthwise and crosswise travel controlled by proximity switches;
Variable speed lengthwise travel;
Crosswise travel by stepping increases or by continuous mode with variable step dimensions or variable speed;
Rapid vertical travel for positioning of the wheelhead;
Automatic lubrication system controlled by the PLC;
Handwheel for the crosswise infeed with 0,010mm divisions;
Automatic vertical cycle
Complete electro-electronic panel;
Standard painting with epoxy inks and the standard colours of grey, white and red;
Accuracy according to ISO1986 standard.
01 Automatic Vertical Cycle

01 Electromagnetic chuck 600 x 300mm, fine pole pitching;
01 Electronic control system for the electromagnetic chuck with variable attraction field and automatic demagnetizing process with decreasing hysteresis cycles;
01 Coolant system;
02 Grinding wheels (AA60K6V and AA46K6V);
02 Grinding wheel hubs, with balancing weights;
01 Grinding wheel hub ejector;
01 Balancing arbor;
01 Balancing stand;
01 Table dressing diamond holder;
01 Dressing diamond 0.5ct MT1;
01 Set of levelling screws and resting pads;
01 Set of service wrenches;
01 Set of spare belts;
01 Complete electric-electronic panel with control desk;
01 Instruction, handling and maintenance handbook in English.

01 Hand table displacement system
01 Over the wheelhead straight dressing device
01 Lighting device;
01 Vertical digital read-out with 0,001mm readings;
01 Crosswise digital read-out with 0,010mm readings;
01 Sine table 180 x 120mm with a permanent magnetic chuck;
01 Angle and radius profiling attachment